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Super Action Hero Status:  In the Workplace?


Who doesn’t want Super Action Hero Status? What exactly is Super Action Hero Status and how would one find it in the workplace? Think it ever happens? Maybe the better question is how does one make it happen in their own work environment? Think it is not possible? Is being a member of a high-performing team how to achieve Super Action Hero status at work? Try this on for size…

​Experience has shown that high performing teams share a clear purpose and goals. We are talking about vision, mission, goals or tasks of the team that have been defined and are accepted by everyone. This is perhaps the most powerful action plan or course of action for any team. Equally as important however, is a clear decision-making process. The process used might just depend upon the decision to be made. Sometimes it may require specific authority, sometimes a subject matter expert, but often it should be achieved through consensus so there is buy-in and everyone owns it. Everyone should understand that consensus, in this context, is neither a vote nor a unanimous stance, rather it is an agreement to support the decision made, even if one personally might not agree with it.

​One of the most powerful tools folks in a work environment can use is open communication. Team members should feel free to express their feelings on issues, as well as the group’s operation. Yet, freedom to express one’s opinion does not equate to rude, thoughtless or rough communication. Rather, specific intention is needed in both communication and messaging. Team members need to avoid hidden agendas while ensuring that communication regularly takes place outside of designated meeting times. Everyone at work, without exception should be able to give and receive constructive criticism and feedback, professionally and dispassionately. Much discussion needs to take place to achieve shared understanding and to move forward together, and everyone should be encouraged to participate.

​Clear roles and responsibilities also need to be shared and mutually understood. Everyone benefits from being clear on who is doing what and who is the responsible party for any given task. The best Super Action Heroes embrace the diversity of styles within their own environment and group membership. Organizations usually have a broad spectrum of team player types, including members who emphasize attention to task, goal setting, focus on process and questions about how the group as a team function. In short, all Super Action Heroes contribute ideas and solutions. The willingness of each individual to draw on their own expertise and experience to contribute ideas and solutions is what makes Super Action Heroes in the workplace. Everyone should feel comfortable enough in the work setting to express themselves and know what ideas have value. High performing Super Action Hero teams are made up of those who recognize and respect differences in others.

Creative, effective work groups bring together individuals with widely divergent skills and backgrounds, facilitating the members to work closely together to execute the tasks assigned to them. Everyone will not always agree with the ideas other team members bring to a discussion yet, everyone should always be willing to listen without prejudice and contribute positively to the problem-solving process. This is life (and how to survive in it successfully)!

It seems extraordinarily important to value the ideas and contributions of others; sometimes it also seems to take superhuman strength. Yet, a willingness to respect ideas and opinions that differ from your own is the cornerstone of positive and interactive teamwork. It is a cornerstone of becoming a Super Action Hero in the workplace. Input from every member of the group should be carefully weighed and evaluated, never disparaged, to bring out the superhuman strength that lurks nearly everywhere. It is a learned skill to effectively listen and share information properly. It does not take superhuman hearing, yet superhuman listening can pay tremendous dividends. Everyone should always be willing to give an attentive ear to the views of others in the workplace and expect them to do the same for you. Lastly, Super Action Heroes are not afraid to ask questions and get clarification. If an idea is not clear to you, it is your responsibility to everyone to ask questions until the matter is clarified.

​Who doesn’t want to have Super Action Hero Status? Maybe the best question is how does one promote Super Action Heroes in their own work environment? Our way of thought is that being a member of a high-performing team is how to achieve Super Action Hero status at work.

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