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We hear it all the time from clients…arghh, time to go back to work. We can almost never resist asking why they feel that way about their places of employment. We probably should not ask, since personal and professional development are two of the many things we do, yet here are probably the top five responses we hear:

  1. I think I have been there too long; something about that 10-year itch…
  2. It is just not exciting for me anymore, I am nearly bored to death…
  3. I work with (or for) a bunch of idiots…
  4. You should just be a fly on the wall one day and see the things I have seen. If the owner only knew…
  5. Double standards, plain and simple, and boy am I tired of them. I work hard but do not get noticed or appreciated…

Sooner or later, those client conversations drift in the direction of improving one’s environment. When it comes to work environments, we usually get a far longer list of suggestions to improve the environment and build trust. They include,

  • Believe in those who work for you
  • Expect us to make mistakes (we are human), just not more than one time for the same mistake
  • If you want to change a process, ask those who do the work how to do it better
  • Hold everyone responsible for what has been explicitly told to them about what you want and make sure you tell us what you want
  • Set the example; then, practice what you preach—No Double Standards; No In-Group/Out-Group
  • Share the big picture, direct and focus our energy in the same direction simultaneously
  • Deal privately with people who are not doing their job and hold everyone equally accountable
  • Give us consistent messages, only if you want consistent behaviors
  • Look to the future and don’t force us to live in the past
  • If the boss truly cares, we will care
  • If you want us to be creative problem-solvers, work with us and avoid any urge to micromanage

The list goes on and on. Yet these seem to be the most popular responses and those that can serve as a guide to individual creativity in the workplace. In addition, these suggestions can lead to an organizational climate capable of handling the workload and building trust to facilitate organizational sustainability. How do these resonate in your own work environment? I invite you to share other suggestions to promote creativity, intelligence and respect in any workplace…after all, knowledge is only powerful when it is shared...

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